Week 1: New Year

imageGenesis 1:3 

“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

Hey everyone! So my name is Cassie, and I decided for my 16th birthday present to myself I would start a blog! So this blog will encompass a bible verse each week, and how it connects to my life as a girl, teen, and follower of God. This week I decided to go back to the basics and look at the first book in the bible, Genisis. The beginning of this book talks about God making the world, and as I read I was amazed that once God wanted something to be, it was. He took and takes actions immediately as he sees fit, and in this verse he did exactly what he set out to do, he made light. But, he didn’t just stop there, he exceeded his plans by naming the light day, to making the earth exploding with life, to making Adam and later Eve. By exceeding his plans in the beginning he made the world, and he made something so much more beautiful than he had foreseen! Isn’t that awesome!

I have found in life it can be extremely hard to keep promises for many reasons. Commitments I make can seem so hard when it’s time to do them. The biggest example of this is school, (sorry for the very typical teen example:)) I commit to my grades at the beginning of every year, and decide I will strive to get the best grades I can possible get. Then the honeymoon period wears off and I realize school is HARD! But, by the strength of my will power, the Lord, and friends and family, I not only make it through each semester, but exceed by not only getting the good grades, but making new friends and a new understanding of many different things in life. By doing exactly what I set out to do, I end up accomplishing so much more.

Thank you all so much for reading!! I included a picture above of my favorite quote “Optomisim is the foundation of courage” because I find this two qualities are essential to not only making plans, but sticking to them and exceeding them! Have an amazing and rocking week, and see you next time!!


One thought on “Week 1: New Year

  1. Blessings to you Cassie! What a wonderful gift to yourself and to all of us that will be sharing in the blessings of God thru your blog.


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