Week 2: Strength

Isiah 40:30-31
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength

One of my favorite movies today, and probably will be for the rest of my life, is The Princess Bride. It is a story of how the main characters Westley and Princess Buttercup (I am still astounded at how the movie is so amazing but her name is so not) can not be apart from each other, no matter how much the universe tries to separate them. In one of their many challenges to be together they must get through the Fire Swamp, an extremely dangerous place holding R.O.U.S.- Rodents Of Unusual Size, (I know that sounds ridiculous but stay with me). Buttercup, being the typical girl character she is, she is completely helpless and must be constantly rescued by Westley. Then Westley is attacked by a R.O.U.S. and it tries to drag him deeper and deeper in the forest, away from Buttercup, but then, miraculously, Buttercup hits the rat with a stick and they all get away.

In life, we can, and most definitely will, have challenges in our lives that we can compare to rats, small, everyday problems that we can take care of, and will everyday. These are like homework problems, school, and sports. And then there are those R.O.U.S ones, the problems that seem so HUGE (you’ve got to say that in a Donald Trump voice, otherwise is life even fun?) that we can’t deal with them alone. We can look at them as horrible problems that seem completely unfixable. But, they are so many people that help us tackle this problems that we don’t even think of at the time. Parents, Siblings, Friends, Family, and most importantly God. He tells us to hope in Him to renew our strength. How amazing is that?!? There is someone in our life that can not only listen to our problems, but give us the strength to take care of them, and he gives us so many loved ones to help us as well. He makes the R.O.U.S. become a N.R. – an Nonexistent Rodent.

Thank you all so so much for reading! I am so grateful for all the love and support you all have given me to start this blog, you all are going to make this great! I included a picture of my favorite quote from the entire movie, hope you like it! Thanks so much, and have a rocking week!

Princess Bride Quotes


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