Hey guys! I know I took an LONG break from this blog, but I’m back and better than ever! This month I wanted to talk about friendship, and how the amazing friendships I have made have lead me to be more Christ centered.


I know God is the reason that I have met all of the amazing people in my life, because without him there is no way they would all be present. They give me strength when I need it, give me self confidence when I feel less than fantastic, but most importantly they share in the good and the bad times with me. This year especially I have realized how truly blessed I am, and how truly incredible the people in my life are.

I run cross country at my high school, and I don’t run it because I’m the fastest, and to be honest for the longest time I have been anything but. I was never the top girl, never the one stepping on the podium or getting recognized at the end of the meet. I was always cheering for my friends, and it just so happens that two of my best friends are amazing runners. So I was always cheering for them, and I was honestly happy that they were so successful.

I never thought I was going to get recognized for my races, so I was extremely surprised at the end of this season when I was “Athlete of the Meet”, because as a junior and my third season I had never gotten it before. I was happy, but what really made it awesome was how happy my friends were FOR ME. They starting jumping up and screaming and hugging me, and they made me realize how lucky I am to have people in my life to share my successes with.

God, as we all know, works in mysterious ways. I have no doubt that he had a hand in my friends being present in my life, and I’m so great full for that. I have included a picture of some of my closest friends, because these girls deserve a shout out for being some of the best people I know. I love them all so much, and this picture can’t show how much I love them. And the crazy part is, they aren’t even all of the people that affect my life so positively.  I pray that you all look at the people in your life and know how much God has blessed you with. Have a great and blessed month!



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