John 1:3
“Through Him all things were made, without him nothing was made that has been made” 

Hey everyone!! So this last week my family and I went down to Arizona for spring break, and one of the awesome places we visited was the Grand Canyon. Now if you know me personally you know that my favorite place in the entire world, seriously I’m getting married there, is Disney World. So I was excited to go and see the Grand Canyon, but I was not expecting to be as in aw of it as I was.

It is crazy to me that God would be able to make such a beautiful thing. Seriously, if you look closely at the Grand Canyon you can see all of the minutiae details that go into making such as insanely cool land mark.

As I was taking pictures and hiking along the canyon this bible verse came to my mind. There are a lot of things we won’t, we can’t understand, but this bible verse puts it into the simplest terms. Nothing, literally NOTHING, can be made without God. If you really think about that, The Grand Canyon, The Smokeys, The Hawaiian Volcanoes, and everything in between was made by God.

Being in the presence of something as ginormous as the Grand Canyon really makes you put your life in perspective. Some people may think its scary to be so small, like nothing you can do can make that big of a difference, but looking at the Grand Canyon made me think of something else. There are so many details in the Canyon, so many rocks, colors, animals, trees, etc. Together they collectively make the Canyon, and it wouldn’t be the same without it. Every little detail matters.

So this month I pray that you begin to look at everything around you, whether that be the a National Park or the tree in your front yard, with a little more gratitude. I pray you begin to look at the details of life and realize not only their importance, but their beauty.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed month.


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