“As for me, I will have hope.”

Psalms 71:14

Hi everyone!! Happy summer!! So this summer I have really been trying to read the bible more and incorporate it more in my life. I have the Holy Bible app, which i totally recommend you get, and as I was listening to the bible this verse came up and I really connected with it.

Hope has become my new favorite word, because I think it really hits home what we are doing as Christians. We aren’t basing our faith on scientific evidence, or solid, concrete evidence. We are hoping and putting faith in the fact that God is watching over us.

Hope allows you to hold on to your desires, wishes, and dreams. It keeps you optimistic, which I think is also a key component to a Christian.

But hope isn’t easy to have. Personally there are many times where I wanted to choose anger and defeat. It’s easier, it doesn’t take as much effort or nearly as much heart. But while hope can be hard to choose, it allows you to give your heartache to the Lord. It allows for you to let go of your burdens and trust that He will help you.

So this month I challenge you, choose hope. Choose to believe in the good, to believe in God’s plan, and to cast your burdens onto the Lord.

Also, if you are like me, I need reminders to keep my hope alive and burning, and i have found the perfect way to do it! I found a store called Unlocked Boutique, which is a jewelry boutique that takes keys and puts a meaningful word to you on them! The premise is that the key “unlocks” your heart to the things you need.I got hope on mine, of course! The girl who runs it, Kate, is a great girl and 25% of the profits go to the National Eating Disorder Association. Please consider buying one here > https://unlockedboutique.com

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed month!!



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